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Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa
Let us keep close together, not wide apart

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This space is moderated by Clint Green. It is the place to share ideas, techniques, links, worries. Ask questions, share research, debate issues. In fact this is the definitive site for us! I have created a few pages to begin with and added a few links. At the moment you need to become a member to edit pages, but the forums are open to all. Any inappropriate posts will be removed. I would ask that all contributors refrain from personal comments

Amongst these pages are much useful information for teachers of the Deaf. There are links to many web sites. I do hope that teachers from outside KDEC access the information as well as from within and indeed add to it.
Web 2.0

So what is this web 2.0?
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What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is one of many web 2.0 tools and is a website that allows the visitors to easily add, remove, edit and change available content. They are particularly being taken up by the education world who get ad free wikispaces for free.

Key Wiki Principles
  • Collaboration - Teacher centred learning
  • Content Driven - users can share different materials
  • Sharing - ideas will be shared
  • Social Constructivist
  • Trust - People and the process
Wikis are one of a range of tools which can make up an educator's personal learning environment where the focus is on self managed learning. eg: social bookmarking tools, blogs.

Collaborative Writing
  • Shared student projects - local and global
  • Group / individual research project
with comments.
  • Organising documents / resources
  • collect web resources
  • Study bank for tests
  • Audience - peer review
  • contribute to others' learning
  • Process focus
  • Social process of writing
  • Tracking of drafts (with students)
Content Driven
Utilise and embed Web 2.0 tools
  • Science - compare planets within
the solar system
  • Share group maths project eg data collection
  • multimedia - videos, podcasts, live chat, blogs, RSS feeds,
  • powerpoints, slide shows, etc.
  • No room for distraction of fancy fonts and highlights etc.
  • Slide shows
  • Surveys and polls
  • Voice threads
  • Blogs
  • Streaming video eg Youtube , Teachertube.
  • Audio podcasts.

7 things you should know about wikis

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Comparing different tools:



Discussion Boards

More flexible
More structured

Content changed
Can't alter past content
Users can't change content
Correct inaccuracies

False statements stay
Editing constant
Sometimes can't be edited

Working together
Debate over topics
Debate in difficult to follow format
Many authors
Single author
difficult to follow

Check out the links page for more wikispaces to investigate!
You are using a wikispace. These can be poweful tools for collaborative work with your students as well
Using wikis in education

Free stuff

Great blog

For ELL learners

Check this one




To play with a wiki right now try editing pages on
Download the training videos. No log in required

To set up your own wiki for teacher network or class use the following link so that your wiki will be ad free and free of charge. (General wikis either have adds on the side or cost US $5.00 per month.) http://wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers100k

You can check out the mentoring project right here!


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