This is a great photo of Kamaile from Hamilton, at the Girls Day Out. She really enjoyed riding the motor trike. Both Kamaile and her mum have given their permission for this photo to be given to the Morrinsville City Council for their archives.

In the holidays I took Mohamed to visit Irene because he had been sick when BDO was on. He had a fabulous time riding the trikes - both with Des and Irene. He then make lunch for us - hamburgers. One for each of us. A great time was had by all of us. Mohamed's mum reports that he was very taken with both the bikes and the dog (Tahnee), especially when Tahnee went for a ride on Irene's motor tirke.

Hope you enjoy these photos.
Jill Selwood

Jill, these were great thanks, I hope that we get some more things up here this year to view!